Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faves of 2010: Sparkle & Bonfire Begonias

Hands down, my absolute favorite flower of 2010 were the Sparkle Begonias and the Bonfire Begonias. These two types are virtually indistinguishable except for slight differences in flower and leaf shape. I first fell for these hanging basket back in April 2010 when I spotted them in Greenhouse 12. I became obsessed. I looooooved them. I took the 3 biggest specimens I could find and tagged them "SOLD" and attached threatening labels addressed to my Dad as to what would happen if he sold them. (In my Dad's eyes, plants tagged "SOLD" for his family members are free game. He and sometimes my Mom will sell them right from under you. My begonias were safe this year. However, my Kimberly ferns, yellow glazed pots and Christmas Kissing Balls were not. They all found good homes with our customers.)

Back to the begonias. I managed to secure 3 hanging baskets, even though I did not yet have a house to hang them at. (Our house sale did not finalize until August.) So in the meantime, I took care of them and boy did these babies last! They can take anything! They were great hanging off the North-facing porch at my parent's house and then we I finally moved into my house, I hung them off a South-facing porch where they also flourished in the hot, August sun and heat.

Begonias hanging on a
North-facing porch

They took full shade and then full sun. They're amazing! They are the perfect plant. They got so big that they broke a couple of extension cords. They were fine with little water. I don't think they wilted once. (And I am not the world's best waterer. I often get busy and forget.) They would work just as well as container plants on a sunny patio or as a statement plant next to your front door. I'm in love and I will definitely be getting these again this year.

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